Monday, June 11, 2012

Thrift Share: Kentucky Weekend

If you follow the other blog, you already know all about my frustrating experience where the new house is concerned. To summarize, one hour before the closing I found out bank was late on getting title work back to lawyers and require a 48 hour cooling off period once the title is in the courts. Sr drove all the way down to Louisville to help me start demolishing the house for repair. It's rare he can get a weekend off like this and I will probably be on my own for next weekend. He will come help me put the new doors on next Friday after I (hopefully) officially sign the paperwork.

Not all was lost though as we had time to hit a couple of weekend only flea markets near Louisville. The first one is in Simpsonville and right off of I-64 (going towards Lexington). I found many items to drool over (the best were the outside vendors), but was pretty selective. I bought the above Made in Japan kitties, the bulldog, and the Indian. I also found two of the Kentucky coffee cups. The best item (and I will have to take a picture later because it is filthy) was an old 1930-40's era metal chemistry lab scale! Maybe I've mentioned here before that my education was in chemistry and biology so vintage lab equipment is always favored by me. It is really "steam punk" (to actually use a trendy term, LOL!)

We also visited the world's supposed 'Awesome' Flea market south of Louisville on I-65. Waste of time would pretty much be my summary. I bought nothing! I did see a great circus poster on hard cardboard. Tthe vendor was packing up her stuff, so I asked her the price and, let's just say, it was not flea market pricing. I put it back. (Later, I found two great repro circus posters circa early 1900 for cheap). If you are traveling to Central KY for the weekend for flea marketing, skip this one and drive up to I-64 and go to the Simpsonville one.

We also had a picnic at the Falls of Ohio (Indiana side of the Ohio River) and explored the fossil beds. If you zoom in on the picture of the rock my son is holding, you'll see the outline of a little prehistoric fish. If you are ever traveling south towards Louisville (or you go north just over the main bridge), take the exit (Exit 0 on the Indiana side of I-65) for Falls of Ohio State Park and check out these limestone beds. You will see millions of fossils and can marvel over the fact the area was once an ocean!

OK, I couldn't wait to show you the scale. It has most of the glass sides still (I lifted one side to snap the photo), but it is missing the weight set. It's quite dirty right now-I love it!


Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

thanks for the tip! i've thought about stopping at that "awesome" flea market before, but i'm glad to know to skip it! and BUMMEr about the house. buying a house is so heart breaking and frustrating.

Gina said...

OMG, especially a Fannie Mae foreclosure! There is no heart at all with this business. Not only was last Friday canceled, but so was this one. We rescheduled for the 22nd only to later have my realtor text me to say the bank F-bombed the paperwork (AGAIN) and it is doubtful we'll make the 22nd. Now it will (possibly) be the Friday after that one (29, I think). Meanwhile, the house sits forelorn and empty, a siren call for copper thieves. :(