Sunday, May 27, 2012

IDC: Week 14???

Ah! I've managed to get behind on IDC updates again. In fact, I have no idea what week we are on (I am going to guess 14). I swear it feels like July in Northern Indiana. July: hot, dry, sunny.

Planted: O, so behind, but in the past few weeks I planted all the tomato and pepper seedlings, zucchini seeds (already up!), beans (also up), cucumbers, cabbage seedlings, corn (never came up), tomatillos (where corn should have been), nasturtiums, various perennials, stevia, basil, cilantro (already bolted-too hot!), winter squash (spaghetti and butternut), and...probably a ton I'm forgetting. Other than a couple of forgotten Chinese Giant peppers (amazingly survived no watering in sun room!) and some tomatoes I need to squeeze in...I am out of room! I also planted two paw paw trees that my KY friend gave me, but they didn't survive. Her husband also stratified about two dozen paw paw seeds for us and the kids tossed them into the smaller woods (as instructed).

Harvested: mint and eggs

Preserved: Froze broccoli for future pots of soup (bought from local farmers). My FIL gave us a huge amount of strawberries to freeze, but they didn't make it past two strawberry lovin' boys.

Want Not: Stored some dried fava and pinto beans, found a large quilt-type comforter at a yard sale, put an offer on a fix-upper in Louisville (so not to have to pay rent anymore, be able to urban farm, and hopefully earn a little money. As a bonus, I hope to help an area that is under-served...much more on this adventure later).

Waste Not: See above: I am looking for an historical house to call home part of the time (due to my crappy work situation). I also have been going through tons of stuff, purging and getting ready for a garage sale at my sister's house later in the summer.

As a side not in this topic, so far it has been very dry here. This is unusual for a Great Lakes region and we have had to use the well to water the gardens. I mentioned to Dh last night that if this dry spell continues into June, we may need to sacrifice the garden. It will do us no good to run up electical bills and drain the water tables. I really, really hope the rains come!

Skill Up: I have learned a ton about buying a house for cash (not a simple endeavor to say the least). I have also been reading books on electrical, plumbing, wall repair and general house maintenance.

Sustainable Community: Sadly, due to hectic work schedules, I missed most of the Permaculture and urban farmers meetings in Louisville this past couple of months. I am really wanting to get more involved.

Eat the Food: Making broccoli salad tonight from some I bought locally.

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