Saturday, May 26, 2012

OPB: Other People's Blogs

OK, this is just funny (found via Root Simple): Unicorn Poop Cookies.

I am writing another blog for historical record keeping purposes, if interested: Girl in the West End (but I warn you that it is emotional, or will be, as it is a record of the frustrating adventure of trying to buy a dilapidated house in the ghetto for cash. It is not as easy as it sounds and much more competitive than it probably should be...slumlords and house flippers have a ton of clout with the real estate industry and a regular person is always going to have to pay much higher for homes. It's a rigged game. Should I ever get the house, then the blog will be about the rehabbing of said house.

And, check out Rae's super cute Pom Pom Wreath and the Dia de Los Muertos skeleton her friend made her. I love them both!


fullfreezer said...

I saw the Unicorn Poop link as well and guess what? We made some this weekend. Too much fun! But it is definitely our yearly allotment of food coloring.

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

i'm looking forward to following you other blog. there are so many amazing old houses that are falling apart in louisville. the same in cincinnati! such a shame. travis' cousin is selling a beautiful shotgun house right now in louisville (in a "cool" neighborhood for a pretty penny) and it is so lovely. when we were buying our house there was so much heart ache! but thankfully it worked out in the end.

Gina said...

I think I live in that "cool" neighborhood now. Rent had sky rocketed in this area as well. I found wo a mortgage, I couldn't afford much. I found a wonderful old house that needs tlc in an underserved, but historically rich area in Louisville (abt a mile from downtown). The neighborhood will be an ongoing project in urban renewal.

Yes, buying houses is always awful experience!