Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrift Scores: Nashville

Haven't posted a thrift score in a while. The week before last I was in Nashville, Tn for a work event. While there, one of my co-workers (and great friend!) visited the Goodwill Outlet. We both came away with lots of fun treasures. Here is a sample of my finds (I still have a couple items in KY).

Characters for a sign, Auto Bridge with a really serious looking dude on it, newer SNAPS tin, flower lunch box
 Metal frame (I love these and have a bunch); a bag with a 45 adapter on it; a wicker clothes basket (my friend found one too); child's watering can, a cookbook; Haitian basket holding a Magic 8 Ball, a baseball, Risk game pieces, dominoes and a super cute owl wallet that had 28 cents in; and a dinosaur.
Top photo: KFC lunch box (I had to pick this up considering where I live); a Snoopy tackle box; a sample card of embroidery thread (love this item!), a cute animal tin and a peek of another newer clothes/storage basket. Second photo: Dinosaurs in my garden bed (the stepping stones were made using river glass found at the Falls of the Ohio (New Albany, IN).
Last Photo: Almost all of my Goodwill Outlet scores!

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Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

you found so much good stuff! that is an awesome haul! i haven't been in a few weeks, though travis has been going almost every day.
there are always so many baskets there! i will never pay full price for one again!