Sunday, September 25, 2011

1. Cool autumn air and night rain...perfect for sleeping*

2. Seeing many eco-important bats flying around in Alabama (they are battling this disease)

3. Halloween animals (bats, owls, crows, black cats and spiders!) and lovely free graphics!

I don't want to bore anyone with the details, but lately I have been finding it harder and harder to stay focused, content. I have mentioned before how hard the past year has been, so really no need to revamp over and over what I feel is the problem (heavy workload; move to new state; new job; 3 new supervisors, deficiency in B12...). Knowing (or at least thinking) I know why I feel the way I do is fine and dandy, but I have noticed I have found myself in a loop of self-pity of late. This is not helping at all. It is really a major concentration killer and beats motivation right into the proverbial ground.

So, in order to focus on something positive, a personal reminder that not all is "half-empty" in my life, I plan to force some positive focus on contentment in my life. Nothing major, just a short (or long if need be) of simple occurrences or actions in my life that do not cause me trouble, anxiety or sadness. Thanks before Dreaming and Sunday Evenings are great inspirational samples to learning the fine art of making lists based on simple contentment or gratitude. I've had this in mind for some time. Perhaps, if I am diligent, I will find myself thinking more about things that make my life easier, calm and happy and break free of my pity party circle.

*The above list is my start written at 12:30 am and I am not sure why I am not sleeping as the rain is hard and wonderful tonight.

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