Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall in, Fall out

Thank goodness for Graphics Fairy

Ok, yep, a good blogger always includes some sort of artsy photograph with their nonsense posts, but I am feeling way too lazy to take any right now (and I don't have a stash of them online to glean from either). Well, maybe I can edit later.

It is damn cold here in Northern IN. I've heard it is suppose to hover near 35 deg F tonight (yay!), so house plants are now in the foyer awaiting a move to the sunroom. I didn't bring in my cacti and other sensitive guys down in KY, so I hope they are protected on the porch. I will be really sad if I go home Sunday to suffering flora.

I also need to pick the rest of the tomatoes. I guess summer is truly gone and fleeting fall is soon to pass as well.

I received my end of the year review at work last week. A hard first year in the job and I learned they think I manage time unwisely (yet, I live between two cities, travelled nearly every other week and took on several other state's work...oh well, c'est la vie).

This year I am travelling less and concentrating on my own endeavors (like getting family moved to the right spot). I am going to improve on my photography (like invest in photo editing), write more thoughtful and inspiring posts (ha ha) and figure out a way to juggle selling off some of my clutter. This is just a few of my 41 goals to be published next week.

I stopped at a garage sale today despite the cold and rain. We found a few vintage treasures, but pickings were slim.

OK, I changed my mind...I'm including a sweet, autumn graphic just for your viewing pleasure!

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