Monday, February 13, 2012


So, if my super-micro-managing-supermanager doesn't force me to travel this week, I am going to another Meetup in Louisville. This one is every month on the 15th and is sponsered by the owner of a great coffee shop here in Louisville (the owner is so awesome he uses compostable coffee cups and saves the coffee grinds for vermiculturing). This meeting will be about caring for berry plants and includes a potluck of healthy, local foods and a seed swap.

Being that this will be my first time at the meeting, I wasn't sure if I should bring something. However, I wanted to experiment with making something healthy this weekend and I came up with my potluck dish: Chunky Granola!

It is good. I mean really good. I used honey that my neighbor gave me from his hives (local to me in IN anyway...shhh, don't tell!), sorghum I bought awhile ago from the Amish (also a Northern IN local food) and the secret KY ingredient: Bourbon! The rest of the ingredients (rolled oats, almonds & pistachios, pumpkin seeds, dehulled hemp seeds, and dried cherries) are organic and good (sadly, not local); I am really pleased how it came out. I made it last night before I left to go back to KY, but today it is even better! I hope it stays good until Wednesday.

If you are interested in making some for yourself, I altered this recipe. She calls for milk (I omitted it to make it vegan [well, except for honey] and I used the Bourbon instead). I also omitted the brown sugar and added a bit more honey. I used half canola oil and a bit of olive oil (to use up a small bottle I had). Last, I added cinnamon and cardamom for a bit of flavor.


fullfreezer said...

Mmm, I love granola. I haven't made any in a while- maybe this will inspire me.

Gina said...

The hard part is letting it sit for a full hour after the baking is done, but it is really worth it if you like your granola chunky (as opposed to crumbly)

Rae said...

yummm that sounds good. i've always wanted to try making granola but haven't tried it yet.