Saturday, April 21, 2012

Independence Days 2012: Week 11

Well, I am actually posting my IDC update (almost) on time this week! Amazing! My updates still are not up to my past years' par, but I hope as the garden gets tilled this weekend and the weather quits being an unpredictable bear, I'll get more done.

PLANT SOMETHING: Seeds (Asian cabbage and greens, lettuce, kohlrabi, beets and arugula); planted a bag of sprouting organic Trader Joe's red potatoes; planted out the brocolli and cauliflower seedlings. Also, bought and planted a gorgeous clematis, basil plants (Thai and sweet), and two lovely purslane plants.

HARVEST SOMETHING: Still just harvesting eggs, but the green onions I planted at the apt are ready!

PRESERVE SOMETHING: I cleaned out one of the freezers last weekend and ended up making min-muffins out of old, stored butternut squash (from 2010!) and frozen bananas. Both turned out yummy and have been restored in the freezer as quick snacks.

WASTE NOT: As mentioned, I cleaned out the freezer and used up older stock of frozen fruits (the muffins and a raspberry buckle were made). Scraps, as usual, went to the chickens, animals or compost. Repotted tomato seedlings into larger pots saved over the years (mainly from MIL's garbage!)

WANT NOT: Thrifted some baking pans, bean storage canisters, and a couple of shirts for me from a yard sale. We are still eating up the older stock before I add to the pantry again.

BUILD COMMUNITY SYSTEMS: Missed both my Permaculture and 15,000 Farmers meetings this week due to my fatigue issues. Need to go get my B12 injection. :(

EAT THE FOOD: Hubby and I ate out last week when he came to visit me in Louisville; however this weekend we ate from the freezer.


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