Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thrift Share: Pick and Choose

Even though I have been slack to participate with y'all, I have not stopped thrifting. I found a few wonderful things in Alabama, Kentucky and West Virginia just in the past month! I will try to sneak in some of the other finds in the next week. I'll start with the most recent scores...
I am starting with one of the ties for favorites this month: A tourist plate featuring the Mermaids of Weeki Wachee! I have been collecting state and tourist plates for years and I have had to curtail my purchases (and weed out the collection), but this one is one of the best ones I have ever found. I paid 75c for it! I wish I had turned the flash off before I snapped the picture.

This is the other tie for favorite. I've seen this style of lamp in antique stores before and admired it greatly; however, being the thrift junky that I am, I could not justify the large price tag. This one I found yesterday at a yard sale for $3.

Here is another lamp found recently (I wish I could remember where...KY probably). I didn't find it in time for Easter.

A plethora of dolls bought at the same YS as the Gazelle lamp. I really avoid dolls, but these guys were in a Ziplock for a dollar. Unfortunately, I was trying to get the smudge off of the wooden doll with my fingernail and accidentally scratched her pretty red lips right off! :(

I love this sugar and cream set. I love the tulips! They were marked $1.45 each and they came all the way from Ireland to West Virginia


Heather said...

Oh, your horse lamp is just fantastic! I found a small white one (different than yours) a couple of weeks ago, but I really love the retro style of yours!

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

that plate!! amazing! and i love the lamp too!

Gina said...

Thanks, Heather and Rae!!