Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grand Opening


I finally listed 10 items on Etsy and I am exhausted! I do have two more items to post tomorrow, but I ran out of almost good lighting today.

So, want to see the shop? Check out Flea Circus Star and let me know your honest feedback (e.g. photography, prices, the look, etc.).

The hardest part (well, besides taking decent photos) was figuring out prices. I am not an expert on vintage (nor do I really want to be). I just know what I like and what I would pay for an item. As the proprietor of Nashville's Pre to Post Modern said, "We don't like to hoard vintage...!" I did look around the Internet a bit and tried pricing under the average. I also do not have a scale handy (I do in Louisville though) and calculated my shipping rates based on USPS Priority Flat Rates which I will have to adjust at some point. I also do not really say I will ship internationally, but I will. I just need to check on rates for a particular destination. I plan to add a tidbit about reserving for international buyers until I can adequately quote them.

I am really greenhorn to all of this and hope it is fun and not frightful adventure!

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