Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yeah, Another Whingy One

Sigh. This has been the month of never-ending sickness. I think I have the plague. It seems, with everything else, I was mistreated for an ear ache and I developed a much larger infection that in turn ruptured my eardrum. Yay! I am completely deaf on the left side, at this point, but hoping with stronger treatments I will regain my hearing soon.

So, I have been on medical leave for a couple of days and I am so anxious to go to work (wtf?) Speaking of work, I am not eligible for the entire amout and what I am is hardly worth it. However, the hunt is one for something to get me home. Just considering it made me keenly aware of many things I have been suppressing for a while.

It has been hot and beautiful here. I planted a couple of tomato plants in my apartment garden bed. I really think they are going to be fine. I really need to plant the seeds too. The rest of the seedlings are traveling North where I less trust the weather and will have to wait to plant them out.

Today I am going hiking before the rain. My feet, at least, are not broken (at this point).

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fullfreezer said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. Ear stuff is the worst (well... almost).
I wish you much, much luck at finding something that will get you closer to home. I'm glad you took a good look at what YOU want.
Oh, and now I have tomato envy.