Saturday, March 10, 2012

Independence Days Challenge 4 & 5: 03/10/2012

I guess I'm doing these on Saturdays! :)

I really don't have a lot to report because I have been busy, busy, busy (yeah, work again). I have so many projects started and no end in sight as to when I can complete them. One, I am refinancing the rental house (yes, again) and the bank has me running circles. I need a really small amount (less than an economy car) and it irks me that I have to jump through so many hoops. If I was buying some cheapo automobile, I would have instant financing (with less years to pay and probably much better terms). Such a crappy system.

I also have a package to get out in the mail. I haven't updated on thrift finds in awhile, but I found the most incredible thing for one my online friends in Nashville (hint, hint!)

But, onward...

Plant Something: Cumin and basil seeds, repotted the tomatoes (I think I like the dense seed method) and the tomatillas. The peppers are looking great and I have another flat of tomatoes started.

Harvest Something: Just eggs...lovely girls!

Preserve Something: Ah, the sanity...I think. I also made a pint and a half of Blood orange sauce, however, the jar with the half fell and made a bloody mess all over the floor.

Waste Not: The usual R's. I did use all the cups I saved from my hotel trips to repot my tomatoes (although, I am not sure this is actually reducing waste).

Want Not: Bought a few spices from Trader Joes and some more seed starting mix. I also visited the Asian supermarket for a couple of cans of curry paste.

Eat the Food: Just practicing this week with non-local produce lying around that needs to be used up. I made sweet potato and black bean tacos (yum), a coconut curry.

Build the Community: I made a lot of like-minded friends in KY this past week. One keeps 200 hives and said I could keep hives on his property and he would serve as a mentor!


tansy said...

glad you met some like minded folks! hope you get to get a hive!

what is the dense seed method?

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

oooo i hope you mean me! :)

i dread refinancing our house. it was so complicated and annoying just buying it, i kind of want to avoid all that forever!

Gina said...

O, yes, Rae, it definitely sucks. I hope I never have to do it again either. (And, yes, its for you! Just got get it together and mail it out, LOL!!)

Tansy: check out NCtomatoman on youtube. He packs a lot of seed into each cell. They grow and you break them apart and pot each one separately. I think I grew 100+ seedlings in one flat! All are big and lovely.