Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Approach to Goals

I came up with a better list of goals. I guess I am the type that needs specifics. I have a list of 50 items to be done by December 2013. Now I can't wait to get started!

1.        Lose 25 pounds

2.        Take a yoga class

3.        Hike 3 state or federal parks

4.        Create paper mache art (TBA)

5.        Vegetarian 3x a week

6.        Work out 3x a week

7.        Finish painting farm house

8.        Finish fence repair (rental)

9.        Read 1 already owned book per month/blog about it

10.     Purge barn, garage and basement

11.     Revamp/reinstate Etsy shop

12.     Sell 1 item on EBay

13.     Have a yard sale

14.     Finish camper

15.     Can garden produce

16.     Shop farmers market at least once per month

17.     Use food storage before adding new stuff

18.     Volunteer (TBD)

19.     Send an actual letter 2 times a year

20.     Tune up vehicles

21.     Take an online class

22.     Purge old clothes no longer worn

23.     Rebuild storm damaged chicken coop

24.     File paperwork (personal or work) once weekly

25.     Have a party (TBD)

26.     Build a bookshelf

27.     Go through CDs and put on computer and purge 1 hit wonders

28.     Photograph more/improve skills

29.     Organize offices (work and personal)

30.     Pay off three debts

31.     Try a new Louisville or IN local restaurant every other month

32.     Save emergency fund

33.     Try 10 recipes out of thrifted cookbooks/blog about it

34.     Meetup 5X annually (either Permaculture group, neighbor renewal group if I end up in house, or TBD)

35.     Brew my own beer

36.     Rent a space at a community garden

37.     Try belly dancing CD (thrifted some time ago)

38.     Take a trip somewhere new for non-work related reason

39.     Finish front yard garden beds

40.     Plant a tree

41.     Get moved in Louisville

42.     Bake pretzel bread

43.     Paint dresser/chest of drawers (apt)

44.     Sew a pillow or a quilt

45.     Dress up 1X per month

46.     Go to dentist

47.     Finish flooring in farm house

48.     Paint window trim (rental)

49.     Listen to records more

50.     Write something (poem, novel, more blog posts, etc.)

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