Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thrift Share: Holiday week

One of my plans for the KY house is to have wall space dedicated to my collection of Kentucky state plates. I used to collect tons of these, but, in the past few years, I have concentrated only on states I have lived in or weird tourist attractions. In even fewer years, my collection seems to be limited to only KY or the weirdest of the weird.

I've mentioned before my love of Mexican folk art. I found this lovely bowl for 50c at an Indiana thrift.
A small collection of knick knacks pick up at a GW 50% trip I made with my mom while home this week (scale, milk glass tea cups, and an Avon candy dish).
I found two of these milk glass Irish coffee cups at the same GW where I discovered the previous junk. We then drove to another one and I scored 4 more!

This is probably my favorite find. I think I put it back three times before the hoarder in me said, "WTH..."

They have never been used and the dogwood pattern is absolutely gorgeous!

There is tons more to share (the 4th sales were great!), but I am...A) Out of time for the week and must head back to Louisville, B) Actually put some of it away and C) I need something to blog about in the next few weeks because money is going to be tight. And, why on C? FINALLY, progress has been made on the KY house closure! It looks like I will be the owner by the end of the week!

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Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

i hope you actually get to close! i'll have my fingers and toes crossed!
i'm thinking about starting a state plate colletion to fill the walls of a weird little hall in my house. right now it is the "jesus" hall but i'm kind of over it. haha. and of course i need another collection!