Monday, January 7, 2013

Blue Monday Candy #1

It's been some time since I shared any thrift shop finds, but thrift I do (although, I have myself on a nasty budget for the time being and I won't be able to be as free to pack the cart). Most of this was thrifted between October and December either in Indiana or Kentucky. Some of the photographs and the silver vase in the background came out of a great barn estate sale I got to "pick" in early December. Sadly, my first trip to the barn was with my mom who took one look and said, "I'm not going in there..." I went back the next day and still found many, many treasures. I'll be sharing them throughout the year (and I'll try to remember to note they were from the barn) as many are slated to be projects for the rehab house.
Left to right: Photos from late 1800-1915 (same family); postcard holder; butcher scraping block (I actually thrifted this a long time ago, but it was perfect for the photos); Virgin Mary; silver vase; old books.
In other news, an old friend of mine (my bff from my teens and twenties) is moving to Louisville from Chicago. He actually is my thrifting mentor. He is in desparate need of a fresh start and I have this big, old Victorian and an extra room, so he'll be here for a bit. He's a designer and I'm sure he can help me overcome my inability to pick wall colors that don't look like a bottle of Tums. 


Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i LOVE that postcard holder. i've been on the lookout for something similar.

Gina said...

I'll keep a look out for you! I see them from time to time.