Friday, January 25, 2013

WV Bridge 3 Ways

Original taken with Canon Digital Rebel XT

Holga-ish (Picasa 3)

Lomo-ish (Picasa 3)
I've been experimenting with rogue photographs I snap here and there while on work travel (these are also for my 365 Project). I spent this week in NW and North Central West Virginia. I stumbled upon this old train bridge and loved the rusty-ness of the beams. It reminded me of my childhood visits to nearby Virginia. I had to be quick as the only place to pull over was clearly marked "No Parking at Anytime", so it is not the best composition. (In fact, a police vehicle cruised by only minutes after I pulled away from the spot.) 
My favorite is the last one (Lomo) as it accents the rust spots and warms it up a bit. It was bitter cold in WV yesterday; everything needed a little warming up. I hear it's suppose to be close to 65 on Tuesday in Louisville and I cannot wait. My toes and fingers could use a little Lomo-ish too.

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