Sunday, January 13, 2013


I swear it seems to me that it is an unwritten rule in my life that if I chose to go out with a.) hair uncombed and hastily thrown up in a bun, b.) sweats and c.) no make up, I will without any hesitation run into someone I haven't seen in 10+ years. Yes, this was the thrifting equation for the weekend.
The thrifting theme, on the other hand, was books. I found the stack above, featuring subjects that are near and dear to me, at several thrift shops in my old hometown . This was were I ran into two people I used to work with many years ago. I ran into them separately at two different places. And, to make it a bit more exciting, these particular people are people you wish you looked as though the years had no effect on you (you do know the type I'm talking about, right?) And I was clad in sweats with uncombed hair. Sigh, Life of Gina.
I also found cheap frames this weekend. I collect the vintage metal ones (like the one peaking below the top one). The one on top was difficult to photograph as it is a pair of deer in 3D. I am not wild about the frame, but I thought the print was pretty cool.
Another found book was this one on milk glass. I have collected milk glass for years and have quite the collection. I really should share more of my collections. I also found the milk glass leaf and a large hob nob vase. I've noticed lately that the once plentiful white vases are now starting to dry up at the thrifts. I think I find more at the flea markets these days, so I was happy to find this pair (and on 50% off day to boot! I guess this is the karmic pay off for looking scrubby on a bad day!)

And, not to be outdone by lovely milk glass, are these two gorgeous Johnson Brothers transfer ware plates. While in the process of photographing them, I noticed a tiny chip on one the edges. I'm not sure if I bought it that way or did it while getting in the car. I know I slightly bumped the bag on the door. I really need to use best practice in handling these old things, both in spying imperfections at the time of purchase or hastily throwing my purchase in the vehicle. I seem to have this happen a lot. Thankfully, this chip is hard to notice and will be alright in my personal collection.
All in all, yesterday was a relaxing day of thrifting. I also learned a couple of valuable lessons, but the most important one to me: Ditch the sweats once in awhile! 
Sharing my weekend finds at Sir Thrift A Lot's Thriftasaurus #17 and Apron Thrift Girl.


Marium said...

love the transferware! I do the same thing with being hasty with my bags and causing chips. Its so easy to do when things are so inexpensive, but I'll learn my lesson someday!

Gina said...

Yea, my immediate thought was I probably broke the plates when I hit it on the door. Sadly, I have broken so many great vintage items just being clumsy. I hope i learn my lesson someday too!! :)

AllyJo said...

I have a tea cup that matches that plate. I love it. and I know I have bought stuff from thrift stores, knowing (or believing) it was fine, only to get home and find a big chunk out of it. :( It's sad. Thanks for sharing your nice things.

Gina said...

I looked around for more pieces, but alas only two lone plates. I bet the tea cup is cute!