Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sucker for Challenges

A week or so ago, from another blog I love, I stumbled upon a "Cook the Books Challenge" on the wonderfully named blog: Grow and Resist. Being a lover of challenges (even though I have a real issue with staying focused on them), I quickly looked through the titles. One of my absolute favorite things to thrift is cookbooks. I have tons and have even put myself on a moratorium (unless it is really, really special!) on buying new ones. Really, I need to just purge some as well.

Anyway, back to this challenge, it so happens that I don't own even one of the books on the challengers' cookbook list. Because I am a sucker for challenges and have approximately  5,000 self-imposed ones going as it is, including one where I am trying to buy less, save money, blah, blah, blah...I decided to play along in a slightly altered, but hopefully fun way anyway. Instead of buying the listed books (or checking them out from the library), I looked around at the ones I have thrifted and picked out seven titles. I am going to attempt to cook the thrifted books between February and August (and possibly beyond depending how the ol' ADD pans out). I had actually once started a blog that centered vaguely around this concept called 52/A.Y.C.E, but I never posted anything. Maybe this will inspire me to look at the stuff I hoard (or at least inspire me to send them back to the thrifts whence they came!)

My Cook the (Thrifted)books:

February: Cooking with Sunshine
March: Cook 1.0: A Fresh Approach to Vegetarian Cooking
April: The Art of Simple Foods
May: A Baker's Odyssey
June: 1080 Recipes
July: A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook
August: Canning for a New Generation

The only one on the list that I bought new would be the last one. I bought it because I loved the blog and love to try new things to can. I think it's been at least a year since I bought it and have never cracked it open. Actually, I have never cracked any of them open. being said, I hope I can stick through with this one or else the used bookstore is going to get boxes of books to pick through come August!

Each month of the challenge, I will cook from and discuss the book. Feel free to find a "what I wear" post somewhere on that day! (I jest) I also plan to take a photo and, voila!, this will be part of my 365 Photo Project. Oh, one stone, two...

Feel free to play along (I'd love to see others cook their own thrifted books too!)

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4 comments: said...

That is a neat idea. I bet there are entire sections of my cookbooks that I've never used!

Gina said...

I know I'm guilty!! :)

Laura said...

cookbook hoarder!! gosh I am terrible at that can't wait to read all about it!

Gina said...

:) Guilty!