Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Manhole+Dandelion+Tornado=KY Winter

Yesterday, on January 29, I found this little guy in my front yard. Of course, the warm temps and freshly blooming dandelion made me think about seed starting, urban gardening, and sunshine!

However, I must remember, we are still in the middle of winter and this manhole cover reminds me that the pipes in my old 1900 Shotgun can and did freeze just one week earlier on January 22. The temperature fell rapidly into the lower teens and I awoke to no running water. Incredibly, I had no damage and have since insulated the cellar just a wee bit better.
And, today, all of this climate confusion came barrelling to a head in the pre-dawn hours. I was jerked from my sleep by a sound of sirens. It took me a few minutes to realize it was the neighborhood tornado alarm. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the dog, and raced to a lower level closet. Apparently, 125 feet above me was the spiraling winds of a tornado. I waited awhile, then slowly crept back to bed. Then, I thought, today is January 30.

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