Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Better Today

It almost reached 70 F here today! I am in love with this climate zone.

I found a couple of houses to go look at this week (or in two weeks when I am back from another work-related trip). Both are in a county away and sit on 45+ acres (mostly wild and rolling). The prices are right on both and include amenities I want in a rural home (wood burning stove, hardwood floors, barns, ponds and one even has a smokehouse!)

I'll try to take photographs and post if any one is interested in my on-going "am I moving, am I not moving" saga.

Meanwhile, I am motivated to open up my Etsy store or sell on Ebay in order to perk up the down-payment option for yet another house purchase (or pay off a couple of outstanding bills). I finally bought a used book about online selling and plan to start it this weekend. I know, I know...common thing now (and I have been a buyer for ten years at least), but I like to research something to death before I actually try it. It's an annoying habit I have...


By the Bluegrass said...

Are the houses in Shelbyville? I am in the process of starting up an etsy shop.

Gina said...

Very close (Henry Co.). My email is ginastjoe at aol dot com! I do need to put it up.

tansy said...

hope you stay in ky, there's more of a chance of us getting to meet up again soon!! :D (devil's advocate).

i have known people that were so successful with ebay that they made a living off of it, it became a full time job to buy and never know!

Gina said...

Thanks, Kristine! Staying is definitely my choice as well, but we all know how hard it is to motivate men! (Sorry for the somewhat sexist comment there). I have to really nag Sr to get his arse in gear and, of course, he is completely clueless unless I am standing over his shoulder telling him what needs to be done (and a lot needs to be done). My mom thinks we need to just rent until the farm sells before buying a new one and, with owning multiple homes at once, am inclined to agree. However, this house I found (I talked to buyer's agent yesterday) is my dream home. It has everything I have ever wanted in my head (pond, mountain!, woods, pasture area, creeks, hardwood floors, wood burning stove, fall-out bunker [lol]...) My mom says: you aren't going to be young forever; you need to consider climbing a mountain when you are older. I think this is funny because my dad's side of the family have lived and died (all very old ages) on the side of a mountain! And, this mountain, is a little North-Central KY mountain!

Oh, it would be so, so neat to see you and your family again! We could have a beer with Myron too!