Monday, February 7, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Inside the Tin Box

Well, well, another Monday is here. I was very good this week and stayed out of the thrift stores with one exception: the absolute worst thrift stores in the South/Midwest. I spent time in southern and western Kentucky this past week and my hotel was literally a neighbor to a Goodwill. Yuck. I did find a vintage suitcase that smells like cigarettes and a book by David Guterson called Our Lady of the Forest. I started the book last night and so far, so good. I also picked up the Made in Japan bill holder. It is missing the flag, but cute none-the-less (and only a $1).

I also stopped today at one I have been wanting to visit here in Louisville. They have limited hours and I rarely am home in time to go. I had business in the area and decided to stop with only 15 minutes to spare before closing. I only had time to glance, but I saw some great vintage (and cheap!) things. I saw a round tin in the craft area and shook it. It had a sticker that said $1.50 Straight Pins. I bought it sight unseen. Look what was inside!!
I think the rock in box is Pyrite (Fool's gold!) Anyway, they meant enough to someone that they stashed them away inside a box of straight pins inside a round tin.

I also found the little tea bag flower and will use it. It was 25c. I will definitely be returning to this thrift when I have more time!

In other challenge news, I am way behind on the 30 X 30 remix challenge, but I am going to condense it for time (Gah! How do you all do it??) I cannot believe it is the 8th of February already. I am beginning to believe that theory that the Earth is rotating faster (and, thus, time is speeding up!) I will eventually post pictures and a list of clothing items here. Well, I will that is if I get over my camera shyness!

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Laurie said...

Oh, I recently got one of those keepsake tins, too. Mine showed an SF scene. I think the scene on your is NY. Fun!

Gina said...

funny, I didn't even notice they depict a specific city! I bet the SF one is pretty neat.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

The bill holder is adorable. Nothing like a cheerful bill holder with a beautiful bird to great you with something as depressing as a bunch of bills!