Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Please, please, please

O, I hope it warms up soon. The gas bill for the KY apartment doubled and I can hardly wait to see what the house bill looks like being it is a good 20 deg F colder up north. I hate hearing the furnaces kick on...I loath this time of winter!

I did manage to get tickets for the Decemberists for April here in KY and the DH is coming down to attend too. Something to look forward to considering everything else is just blah. Blah.

Today was a long and tiring day of entertaining a new supervisor. I managed to get turned around in Louisville (again) and I am sure she thinks I am totally incompetent (damn, GPS has spoiled my sense of direction!) She seemed happy when she left me, but she is also a super polite person who is rumored to complain about you behind your back. God, I hope I was tolerable. I don't think she liked the restaurant I picked for lunch (after I forgot she said she needed to eat before a noon meeting we had), but she gave me no point of reference to what she would like to eat! I took her to a local BBQ place.

I started to finally photograph my 30 X 30 choices, but I still need 5 items. I guess I wear the same things over and over and it is hard to break away from that when all I seem to do is work, go home and work, work some more. I will just randomly pick 5 things from the drawers or closet and be done with it. I need to accomplish something (personally) in my life.

I am mailing my Valentines tomorrow. Sorry for the delays on all accounts (terrible week).

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CatHerder said...

still really cold here too....spring is going to feel SOOOOO GOOD this year...we just decided yesterday to put a woodstove insert in our nonworking fireplace...our heating bill is outrageous...hope it warms up for you soon