Monday, February 28, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Spare Thrift

(Cute pillowcase)

So, ever since I started participating in Thrift Share Monday, I realized two things:

1. I don't always have the patience and eyes for good thrifting as other fellow thrifter (I still say the glory days of the late '80's/'90's are gone, but maybe I'm just lazy...or cynical).


2. I thrift way too much (something I did not notice until I deliberately started sharing my finds); I sometimes forget what I bought until Monday.

(Cute dish linen)

I do love Mondays, however, both at Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures and seeing and reading all about the wonderful things folks find out there (which brings me to 3. I need to find time to hit more estate sales!)


This week I am bringing in the crap I have been lugging around in my trunk all week. Last Monday, a federal holiday and a glorious extra day off for me, I went to lunch with my mom. We hit one thrift store which I had not been to in ages. Apparently, in my absence, the store has expanded. They now have a "vintage" section with ok prices. I found a few things: embroidered dishtowel and pillowcase, a couple of embroidery kits, and a (barely) vintage flannel dress (80's). The thrift also added a 'silent auction' section in the store. I do not like these (bad for us out-of-towners). I saw the most gorgeous framed first communion certificate dated 1917. I wanted it and was going to bid (I had a figure of $25 in my head for the high bid), but when I looked the bid was over $70 and it still had weeks to go. I had to walk away.

(My favorite find-Purgatory Certificate)

Then, for the rest of the week, I was on a travel assignment for work. My colleague (and friend) hit a GW and an antique mall. I already shared the GW finds, but the purgatory certificate is the sweet find from the antique mall and helped me (almost) forget all about the silent auction certificate (and it was reasonably priced at $6). This one will share wall space with some other religious type certificates I have thrifted over the years (all dated from the early part of the last century). I plan to add my own kids certificates to the collection (oldest child will have first communion this spring) and maybe my kids will add a purgatory one for me one day ;). it always bothers me someone disposed of these important documents. Some are even framed in heavy, ornate frames.

Today, I saw they are building a new Goodwill here in Louisville (Hey, Sena By the Bluegrass, did you notice it yet? It's huge and out by The Gene Snyder & 60!! I wonder when it will be open?), but I ran through another one. I am trying hard to be selective because I will be moving stuff again soon. I found several items of interest, but only purchased a new Fiona Apple CD, a great chocolate brown dress (the cashier said, "Oh, this is definitely your style!"), and a newer scrabble game.

I wanted to go on to another one, but I stopped myself. Time to switch gears and get ready for the big spring/summer move. I am beginning to finally feel excited!

(Sorry about crappy photographs...)


Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! A fellow Indiana girl, cool. I love the pillow case and the dish towel. Fabulous finds! Nice to meet you.

By the Bluegrass said...

Love the embroidery! And, what a cool collection of religious certificates. Very should stick with that one. Yep, I know about the new GW, but I've heard they are having troubles getting it completed. That is the one that will be the new middletown store (where the old one will move's the one I said was a real mess, but has good stuff) Hopefully, it'll be sooner than later, though. Where is the store that now has a real vintage selection?

Gina said...

Thank you both for you sweet comments!

The vintage thrift is is Fort Wayne, IN. It's called The Dove's Nest and I think the charity is church related (can't remember which one). They used to be associated with the chain 10000 Villages, but it seems they are focusing just on thrift now.

Ft Wayne is hit or miss on the items in the TS, but the prices are definitely better in some ways than the Louisville TS!

Mika said...

Oh I miss this one thrift in Lousiville. I can't remember the name of it but it's right by one of the bridges into IN, and its this HUGE yellow building. Some prices were fabulous, some were ridiculous, but it was fun! I'm about an hour from Louisville now (I'm halfway between Louisville and Cincy in IN), and I don't get to thrift nearly as much as I'd like, but dang it's fun!