Monday, January 17, 2011

ATG's Thrift Share Monday: Thrift Therapy

Ended up thrifting my heart out this weekend and found some great, cheap items. Some I hope to resell someday and others I wish to keep for now. Definitely a keeper is Vern's 1999 'Mixed Tape'. I love mixed tapes! My friends and I used to make 'em in the day and trade our favorites. We would customize them for situations (e.g. break-ups, blues, new love, start of school, etc.) and I kept them for years. I have no idea who Vern is or hails, but I would love to be on his "mixtape" Christmas list. He has some great bluegrass and Americana on the one I found at a Goodwill in Louisville. Thanks, Vern!
I love the set of made in Japan spice containers all for $1.50. The set is missing one, but I know I have one back home to fill in the gap (it may be a repeat of one of the spices, but stranger things have been known to happen and it may be the exact match!) If I keep this set, I want to paint the plain wooden holder.

The little open mouthed bird (29c) and felted finger puppet (50c) are two of my week's favorite and cheapest finds. The bird fell out of my bag in the car (it was wrapped in a wad of newspaper by the clerk) and, later, when I took the items out of the bag and I couldn't find the tiny thing, my heart nearly broke! I found it, obviously, and it now sits on my bookshelf. At this great thrift shop in the heart of rural Kentucky, cash was the only currency they accepted. I had no cash on me that day, but, I guess to tease myself, I went in anyway. Right away I found the little bird and dug in my wallet for a quarter and pennies. While paying I noticed a pretty pearl choker in a basket. Price: $2. I went out to the car and dug around and actually found the money! It turns out the choker is a Sarah Covington necklace and is gorgeous. I left it at work or I would include a photo. The bird is still my favorite item from this thrift store. Maybe I'll make a new header with a gummy worm dangling over it's hungry mouth!

My other favorite and most expensive find: 1944 State Sewing Machine in pristine condition! See where the paint is slightly missing from the word State on the front? I did that removing the sign the TS put on it. Otherwise the machine looks like it rolled right off the assembly line in 1944. The sun in the picture is a sticker I think the store put on too (I forgot to remove it for the photo). It cost me $35 and even has the original (perfect) instruction booklet and parts. It is housed in a brown carrying case and seems to weigh at least 50 lb! For a split second I thought it costs too much, but I knew it would be a "regret" if I left it behind! I can't wait to try it out with some of my vintage fabrics.

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Laura said...

ooh love the sewing machine--bought my husband a treadle a few years back--he is supremely pleased with it-I think you will be too! nice thrifitng :)

Monica said...

Vern looks like my next door neighbor, Harv. LOL!
I love the spice containers and the little bird. That sewing machine is a wonderful find!!

Cheryl said...

Fun, fabulous finds :-) You should try the stuff called "Goo be gone" it takes stickers off without any damage what-so-ever. It runs about $7 bucks at hardware stores... we have a dollar store that sells it for a buck. Keep an eye out for it!