Monday, January 10, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Found Fashion

So, we are 10 days into the New Year and I couldn't resist running into the thrift store next to the grocery. At least the grocery store prints coupons for the TS on their receipts!!

I did use some restraint, however, and did not buy the lovely lusterware on the shelves (amber and priced higher than ideal, but still reasonable). I also put back the cute Ralph Lauren black sweater dress (where would I wear it and I do not have time for the reselling thing just yet).

About a year and half ago, I finally did something about the "baby weight" I had gained in the two years after the last one was born. I started working out regularly and followed a fairly simple diet (after researching them all for simplicity and how realistically I would be willing to follow it). I chose one with the initials SB and, after six months, I shed fifty pounds. I actually weighed in and returned to a size I was before the first one was born. The best part (well, after finally getting rid of the heartburn caused by the extra weight on my 5'3" frame) was that I could actually find clothes at the TS that fit. And, my selection increased three fold! I'll admit I had been shunning thrifted clothing (or new for that matter) other than necessity like new jeans or wool sweaters.

Now, I am slowly revamping my wardrobe (that is if I don't stop putting weight back on...I have gained 10+ pounds since October!) I am really ready for winter to be over now. Tomorrow, since I am done with travel until end of month, I am hitting the Y.

I have never been the trendy sort and, in fact, have always mixed and matched vintage and modern. I started this back in high school ( late '80's) and even still have a few fave items from back in the day. I like the "Anthropologie" or faux classic vintage look. I can be both tomboyish and feminine (I mean I am an entomologist!) and myy tastes in thrifty clothes lean toward this style. Bottom line: I like the unique!

OK, I'm are a couple of my finds from the quick TS "run-in" on Sunday. I love them and can't wait to wear them (if the sun ever returns) this spring. I also found a sweater coat I left up North. I have plans for alteration and will post about it at another time. Sorry for the bad photographs-my apartment is a 'shotgun' house and is on the dark side.

(Love this chocolate brown blouse)

(I think this one will be cute with jeans)

(My favorite weekend find: Vintage Lily peasant blouse)

I am linking with other Great Thrifty Minds at Apron Thrift Girl.


Van said...

Adorable finds! Congratulations on your weight loss, too! I've never successfully lost and kept it off, I know how hard that is!

Monica said...

I love those tops! That is fantastic on your weight loss!

Laura said...

ohh I like the vintage lily peasant shirt-so cute!!