Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Day, New Color

Now that I have a handle on the master bedroom (it is not done, but I am waiting for the Very.Cold.Temperatures to return to reasonable to finish a few painting projects. I found out the hard way spray painting in the basement is a very bad idea!), I am ready to turn my eye on the living room and hallway. The house is painted a solid color throughout: Nicotine Stain. I despise it! It doesn't help that it is scratch and sniff paint (i.e. the former occupants were chain smokers and the house still has that icky stall smoke smell even after fresh paint and carpet by sellers). We are currently working on replacing the insulation in the basement ceiling (I am guessing some of the odor is stuck there) and we plan to rip out the carpet and put in hardwood (or at least laminate for budget sakes and if selling the house is the plan). The walls will definitely need to be Kilz before the paint. This is going to be the hard area to complete.

I plan on looking at paint chips and want to go with a color that no longer reminds me of tobacco and ick. I am thinking a grey tone color (or maybe that is too "smoke"???) I am really unsure of where to go and I think this is why the LR project is taking forever.

Unlike the bedroom I do not have any particular focus. I have a lot of "nature" inspired things in there (an old vintage painting of trees, vintage prints of birds, birds nest found around the farm on the ground, a pair of shed antlers also found on the farm, nature books and field guides, old cameras I inherited from my late collecting father). The furniture is a mish mosh of hand-me-downs and are not my style at all, but they are functional and good quality for a house of boys. I would like to change them out and especially get rid of the giant burgundy recliner, but we all love that comfy chair. I can sit in it with two little boys and still be comfortable!

Part of me needs to keep in mind we may be moving this summer. I am on the fence right now as to look for a job to come back to IN or to stay in KY and move the family. This time of year is just so hard and a bad time to make ultimate changes (in my opinion anyway). We are letting it ride to spring to see how I feel. It is hard to know how to proceed because my situation in KY seems so temporary and I have never taken the one foot out of IN.

I am really just writing most of this out for myself (such a bore!) I am battling something strong in regards to where I am at this time in my life and I like having a record. I am hoping I can find my place without too much damage to my life. I am hoping I can be satisfied. Maybe this is a mid-life thing (turned 40 in Oct), but I have always felt like a gypsy.

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