Monday, January 31, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Blizzardy

It is Monday again already? Do you ever feel like your life is just flashing by and the weeks just seem to blur together? I have no idea where the last 15 or so years have gone, so you can imagine how this may feel on a smaller week-by-week basis!

Spouse and I ventured into a thrift on Sunday while kids were at the circus with grandma. DH found a catcher's mitt and I found the trims and photo album. I almost bought a sweater too, but ended up putting it back. I have not even scrounged together my thirty items for this challenge. The point for me in doing this challenge is to see if I actually will wear some of the clothing I have thrifted in the past year. If I don't wear it, out it goes and I will stop buying that sort of thing while out (e.g. maybe I like it, but it looks hideous on me! Thrift Confess Time: I have been scolded by thrift store staff for trying to take my cart into the dressing room. I am afraid my items will be taken while trying on clothing so I rarely try items on unless I can put them over my t-shirt or pants. Sad, huh?) I did find a great thrift store in Detroit area full of wonderful clothing items. I ended up with a full cart, but in the end put most of it back (I did bring home three cute blazers, a couple of vintage slips, and two pairs of shoes).

I am also trying to be a bit more choosy when it comes to knick knacks. I took that jerk's "hoarders" comment to heart (as my friend told me and she also said to stop caring...!), but I really do need to make a rhyme or reason to all these items I thrift. I have gone through this before having been a thrifter since my high school days. I have purged, re-collected, purged, re-collected many times over. My style is always "early American garage sale" and it tends to lean a bit on the cluttery side. Of course, the judgement was thrown on a dumpy apartment I really just use to eat and sleep when in KY. Believe me when I say it is no palace, but it could stand to be a little more "pulled together". I am also not a reseller (at least not yet), so my clutter is simply a collection of items I like. Case-in-point: I love animals and have a fondness for beastly figurines. My collections range from birds to woodland creatures to domesticated beauties. I have been collecting animal planters since the '80's (and have actually pared that collection down over the years). For this Thrift Share Monday, I'll give you a sampling of recent $0.50 to $1 bird oriented finds (plus two CDs, a small brandy glass I use to make terrariums, and two cherub candle holders for a future project-all found in Detroit). The owl is a bank.

I love to thrift and it takes all I have not to go into the many I pass in the course of my day (almost stopped today, in fact). I have a self-made pact that I need to sort, theme and purge my stuff before bringing in much more. I have been achieving this a bit in the main house, but I still have a long road to travel!

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Monica said...

LOL! I've been finding myself drawn to owls and birds as of late. I might have to do a post on them in the future. I like your colorful bird and winking owl. :)