Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly Forecast #1

One of the positive things my new job has brought me is a different method of planning my week. Because I have to do this for my supervisor, I have made a habit of planning my work week either the Friday before or on Monday (holiday this week, so today is "Monday"). I generally try to get mine done on Friday. It is a very general outline of what I hope to accomplish. I can always do more and, sometimes, a plan changes, but it helps me stay focused. At first I resented being "forced" to do someone else's idea of weekly planning, but I have come around and actually look forward to it.

I want to start incorporating it into my other life: The non-work one. So, here is my weekly forecast:

*Clean apartment
*Gather items and dirty laundry to take home Friday
*Gather tax receipts here to take home
*Work on getting tax preparation organized
*Dust top of cabinets (IN home)
*Pay library fines and check on a couple of books (yeah, really need to improve here)
*Work out at Y at least three times (need to go to KY one and see if IN membership is good here)

This is it. Not a lot really, so it shouldn't be that hard. Of course, we all know how it can go...

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