Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Forecast #2

Well, this is my second weekly forecast...I believe I am going to have to rename it BI-weekly Forecast since it seems the job wants me somewhere else every other week.

First, let's see how I did:

*Clean apartment
*Gather items and dirty laundry to take home Friday
*Gather tax receipts here (meaning apt) to take home
*Work on getting tax preparation organized
*Dust top of cabinets (IN home)
*Pay library fines and check on a couple of books (yeah, really need to improve here)
*Work out at Y at least three times (need to go to KY one and see if IN membership is good here)

Ei ei ei...not so good. I need to focus better. I am just feeling so drained these past few weeks. Maybe it is the travel, maybe just the winter blahs, but I can't seem to shake it. The last item, working out, would help my mood tremendously, but I can't get motivated to go (and I left my work-out shoes in KY).

So, here is the second focus list:

*Clean Apartment (KY)
*Work out
*Prepare tax documents
*Finish Valentine's for swap I am in and get them sent
*Dust top of cabinets (IN)
*Find 30 clothing/shoe items for 30 for 30 challenge (starts Feb 1).
*Update resume
*End of month/beginning of month accounting
*Get oil changes in vehicles
*Pay library fines (KY) and check out the books I need

I am hoping when the spouse gets home from work today I can tackle at least two-three of these things. Namely, the Valentines, the oil change (in one vehicle anyway) and maybe work out. I know none of these items are difficult and some are really routine, but with all my life changes everything feels like a huge challenge. I have so much going on that every. little. thing feels HUGE. Maybe I need to break the lists up into KY and IN lists. My location at any given moment dictates the chore at hand.

I am going through the typical winter blues right now and doing anything feels like plowing through mud. I wish we would have one blue sky day and a bit of winter thaw. I am tired of feeling cold and wet and miss the fresh air. At least we can cross January off the 2011 list.


tansy said...

what is the 30 for 30?

i've been drinking nettles lately and my energy level has increased to where i have been cleaning the house every single day this week for the first time in over a might try it! it took about 1-2 weeks for it to kick in...

also, have you tried the full spectrum bulbs? i put 4 in our house this winter and i have not had the major depression i usually get and this winter has been a long, dark cold one!

Gina said...

Hi Tansy! I need to get the bulbs. A co-worker just switched and he said he feels a bit better. It has been a long, cold, dark winter this year it seems. I will try the nettles. Thx for the suggestions!