Saturday, January 22, 2011

OMG-I heard the "H" Word!

OK, I met this new friend in Louisville a few months back and we have hung out a little. It is a long story I will spare you the icky details (suffice to say friendship was very short lived-what is with all the weirdos out there??) Anyway, New Friend comes to my apartment uninvited. I had told him earlier that I would invite him over sometime in the future, but for right now my apartment was messy and I did not have time to organize due to my traveling (weekdays for work; weekends home). He insisted, but I resisted.

Anyway, one evening I am home and talking to DH on the phone. I hear a rap at my front door (which is actually my bedroom due to the strange layout of Shotgun House). I peeked out the window and saw this New Friend. I opened the door, sighed and said I told you my house is messy right now and I don't want guests. He said he didn't mind a mess.

I let him in and we talked for a bit. He then proceeds to Come On to ME! He knows I am married, but this does not stop him. Stupid (both he and I for trusting this asshole). I told him to leave and I was calling my husband back. He says he is leaving then says, "You ought to be on an episode of Hoarders..."

OMG! He hit me exactly where it hurts!

I told him again to leave (he was already leaving at this point). See my post below about my Shopping Habits. I can't say my apartment was neat and orderly. I told him I did not want guests, but Hoarders! My f-ing kitchen is clean, my bathroom is clean, I had been trying on clothes earlier and had put the rejects on the futon (to decide if I wanted to donate or try reselling them) and I still had the futon box in the tiny (and I mean tiny) living room to cut up for recycling. I had some papers on my bed (he walked through my bedroom to the other part of the house) and a few piles of books (I am an avid reader), but otherwise my house is not gross! I have a lot of stuff!

How do you other thrifters do it? How do you store it and use it? I am trying at the main house (where I can paint and change things, but it is harder to do in a small apartment where I am not technically allowed to hang things).

Funny, I can handle his "forwardness", but he really bothered me with the comment.

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